“I was introduced to Ashley when seeking a relationship coach in September of 2017 and we have been working together ever since. Throughout my time with her, I have been able get to know myself in ways I never imagined possible. I now understand how past relationships and trauma affect my adult reality and how I approach all of my relationships, whether they be personal, professional or both. I have learned how to effectively communicate to people in my life about myself and my newly understood boundaries. She has helped me understand how to communicate my needs in a neutral and inviting environment. I have learned how to take things less personally. I can now control my emotions at a level that allows me to clearly and calmly evaluate situations and handle conflict better. Ashley has helped me understand how to deepen my connections. Most notably, I now understand how much I deserve to be loved. Not only has she helped my self-confidence but she has helped me understand the complex nature of my relationships and how to navigate them better.

With her support, I was able to leave a lifeless and terribly broken marriage and welcome a beautiful relationship full of love, support, and healthy communication. I am now engaged to a handsome gentleman who worships me. We have two beautiful 11-year old girls with a strong family bond despite the debris divorce can leave behind.

My fiancé and I have benefitted in many other ways from Ashley’s coaching and look forward to her attending our wedding in October! I highly recommend Ashley Manta’s coaching to anyone struggling with self-confidence, communication, or sexual-related relationship issues.” - Rianna A.

Ashley's coaching and guidance truly helped me discover myself both in and outside of the bedroom by helping me figure out my likes and dislikes while also teaching me how to express those things to my partner. Ashley is really good at helping others decipher and understand their feelings. After going through her program, I was equipped with the tools I needed to lead the charge on having an open relationship with my ex. Our ability to trust each other, communicate, and enjoy each other led to him one day saying "Wow. HOW?" And I laughed and said "thank Ashley." - Alice M.

Working with Ashley was honestly like working with that inner voice that nudges you along but that you don't always honor or listen to BUT with Ashley because she is a real person, with a wicked sense of humor and a heart of excitement mixed with compassion -- You listen! Simply put she said what I've needed to hear and encouraged me to be ALL of me! - Dani P.